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Biophilia, a story told through broderie

With Biophilia a story is told through embroidery. The concept is based on solastalgia, a form of homesickness that you experience while being at home. Solastalgia describes our feelings of powerlessness due to negative changes in our natural environment. The factors that cause solastalgia can be both natural and artificial. Disasters such as drought, fire and flood can be a cause of solastalgia.


Biophilia is based on a symbiosis between nature and craftmanship, in response to the restless feeling of solastalgia. Materials that have been extracted from nature, in combination with different embroidery techniques such as luneville and freestyle are used. Escaping from the routine is an important aspect of my work. There is something in this non-realistic view of things that I want to communicate to the viewer.


I find it important to offer a form of escapism in my textiles, but also to keep the sharp edge clearly present. The goal is to let the viewer step out of reality for a while, but at the same time to convey a message. With Biophilia I try to offer a form of confrontational escapism, as a form of appreciation to our nature that we are in danger of losing.


* No moths were harmed, please ask me anything if you would like to have more information about this proces

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