The story of Canevas started with the fascination for Les Petites Mains, the unsung heroes of the fashion world. Dressed in their pristine uniform; the atelier lab coat. 

Since the early days of couture, these highly skilled craftsmen and women have sported white work coats (or chemises), like those adopted by lab technicians or doctors in the late 1800s, as a demonstration of the scientific precision of their trade and the pristine environment of the atelier.

Rendered in crisp cotton or linen, these minimalist smocks are typically knee-length and possess large pockets, a necessary practicality for the storage of pins, tape measures et al.

Juxtaposing the refined Haute Couture elements and embellishments with workwear and modern surrealistic prints, gives a breath of fresh air to the beautiful heritage of couture.

 A new Canevas.